Reverse Engineering a Resume

How to break down job descriptions to build a better resume.

The Devil and the Dogs Part 2, The Dogs

I've been trying to find a job for years. I know I've said that. And as the time began to drag on, I began to explore all the options and resources I could find. I re-wrote my resume. I got feedback on it. I got involved with groups and organizations. I built my Linkedin, I … Continue reading The Devil and the Dogs Part 2, The Dogs

Update: Suspense, distraction and travel

This story is about one of those times where something paid off. It's a story about sacrifice and goals and curried cauliflower with roasted chickpeas. It is, at this point, a story with a soft ending, a sense of accomplishment and hopefully one that will be updated with a win for Team Pau. Immediately after … Continue reading Update: Suspense, distraction and travel

The Tiki Trend

Tiki culture is once again on the rise... New bars are popping up with excited young mixologists at the helm. And really, isn't this the right place for them anyway? What, with the average tiki drink typically taking a half hour to make and involving no less than 24 ingredients, half of which are various … Continue reading The Tiki Trend