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A Big Thank You To Queenie

This site looks amazing today thanks to the brilliant design work of @whimsfromthewillow. Before this, it was just a simple, plain white site with some articles. She recently posted a contest on her site Written in the Ink offering a redesign of a blog. If you haven’t seen her work, check it out because she’s very talented and wise. Long story short, The Girth of My Patheticism won and she immediately set to work making this blog beautiful.

Thank you Queenie!

the new logo

And what was it like to work with her? Amazing. Absolutely amazing. She started off asking me some technical and aesthetic questions. Next, she presented me with the first draft. You can see what that looked like because it’s the current design! I love it! It’s nearly impossible to get something right the first time, and she was kind enough to tweak the new logo color for me. Did I mention she created a new logo for me too?!

She understood the purpose and vibe of my site right away. She has a keen business insight as well as great design vision including a great understanding of the user experience of a blog.

I’m honored to have had the privilege to work with her and have my humble blog designed by her. She didn’t ask for a thank you post and even said I didn’t have to post a link, but when you’re this happy and satisfied with someone works, you can’t help but want to say thank you and share your experience. Anyone looking for some amazing design help on their blog or site, check out her work. 5 stars. Thank you Queenie for the wonderful, fun and professional design. Thank you for a wonderful, dreamy overall experience.

header image of written in the ink- snowy mountain peaks, blue skies and wispy pink clouds
Written in the Ink banner

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