The Devil and the Dogs Part 2, The Dogs

I've been trying to find a job for years. I know I've said that. And as the time began to drag on, I began to explore all the options and resources I could find. I re-wrote my resume. I got feedback on it. I got involved with groups and organizations. I built my Linkedin, I … Continue reading The Devil and the Dogs Part 2, The Dogs

Update: Suspense, distraction and travel

This story is about one of those times where something paid off. It's a story about sacrifice and goals and curried cauliflower with roasted chickpeas. It is, at this point, a story with a soft ending, a sense of accomplishment and hopefully one that will be updated with a win for Team Pau. Immediately after … Continue reading Update: Suspense, distraction and travel

Résumé Like a Pro

Résumés could be a blog all their own. I'm a résumé master. Once I learned how to spell it, I was well on my way to crafting the best damned one anyone had ever seen, over and over again. And then again. I have a folder in a cloud (which cloud service is available for … Continue reading Résumé Like a Pro